Spekula 2020 – 2° edition: Translations of visionaries or illusions |

Meduza Gallery, Koper |

11th of September 2020 – 9th of October 2020 |

Curator of the exhibition: Tilen Žbona

After the successful conclusion of the new undergraduate program of Visual Arts and Design at the Littoral University, the second edition of the artistic event SPEKULA 2020 is starting in September.

The event is aimed at raising awareness in the local community and developing a new undergraduate program in Visual Arts and Design, which will enrich the coastal area in the academic year 2021/2022. The accompanying program of the event offers an insight into the profession to future students and to the public that wants to develop creative, artistic and production skills for an independent and successful growth.

Piran Coastal Galleries, the Avtomatik Delovišče platform and the Pina Cultural Association will also contribute to the implementation of this project. The event will start on September 11th at 6 pm in the Meduza Gallery of Koper with the inauguration of the exhibition.

The exhibition Translations of Visionary Art or Illusion focuses on the appearance and manifestation of the contemporary art code and its orientation towards recodification. The visions, which are given by the authors to their own artistic and socially engaged works, presuppose rumours and orientations of a universal language of images, staged in the form of contemplation and introspection.

The authors on display are Nemanja Cvijanovič (Croatia), Polonca Lovšin (Slovenia), Dragana Sapanjoš (Croatia) and Jiri Kocica (Slovenia).


– 11th September 2020, 18:00, Meduza Gallery, Koper: Exhibtition Translation of visionaries or illusions

(Nemanja Cvijanovic, Polonca Lovsin, Dragana Sapanjos, Jiri Kocica)

Curated by Tilen Žbona


15th September 2020, 18:00, Meduza Gallery, Koper: Conference by Marušič Sforzato

(Andrej Medved)


– 17th September 2020, 18:00, Meduza Gallery, Koper: Talk on contemporary Guerrillas

(Ema Kugler e Vid Lenard)


22nd September 2020, 18:00, Meduza Gallery, Koper: Presentation of new strategies and the integration of visual arts in the national and international scene

(Dejan Mehmedovic, Majda Bozeglav Japelj, Ales Sedmak)

The film of Uroš Zavodnik At the Turn of the Image – SPEKULA 2019 will be shown on screen.

– 25th September 2020, 18:00, Mala Loža, Čevljarska ulica 1, Koper: Exhibition until the 16th of October 2020
Optimism in Koper- architecture and urban planning in Koper

Avtomatik Delovišče presents an exhibtition and a seminar dedicated to the students of Architecture and Biotech of the University of Ljubljana

Curators: Boštjan Bugarič, Mateja Filipič