Author:Patrizio De Mattio, Sabrina Zannier
Title:Maravee Dress
Location:Rodeano (UD), Italy
Publisher:Lito Immagine
Year of publication:2020
Author:Nives Marvin, Andrej Medved
Title:Jaka Jeraša
Location:Piran, Slovenia
Publisher:Piran Coastal Galleries
Year of publication:2020
At the Coastal Galleries of Piran, we have been following the work of Jaka Jeraša and collaborating with him since the 1970s. Our retrospective exhibition simultaneously held at three exhibition venues and the accompanying monographs are our first comprehensive presentation and documentation of over forty years of his work. During this period, Jeraša produced
numerous thematic series, which he never specifically titled. Those that were presented to the public at numerous individual exhibitions demonstrate that he is equally expressive in the traditional black-and-white and colour photography techniques.
Author:Patrizio De Mattio, Sabrina Zannier
Title:Maravee Object
Location:Rodeano (UD), Italy
Publisher:Lito Immagine
Year of publication:2019
Author:Majda Božeglav Japelj
Title:Selfish Me
Location:Piran, Slovenia
Publisher:Obalne Galerije Piran
Year of publication:2019
Self-portraits belong to the iron repertoire of motifs of past, but also contemporary fine art. Self-portrayal is a means by which artists present themselves to others both before and after the invention of photography, and so it is today, with the help of new media. The passion for self-portrayal, once the privilege of creativity of selected self-triggers, is rapidly transmitted from smartphones to social networks, all the time we are witnessing a real bulimia of staged self-portraits.
Author:Goran Milovanić
Title:Forma viva 1982-2014
Location:Kostanjevica na Krki, Slovenia
Publisher:Galerija Božidar Jakac Kostanjevica na Krki, Obalne Galerije Piran
Year of publication:2015
Anniversaries are an opportunity to consider, to review what has been
done, to measure and evaluate the effects, not least to check the traces
that it has brought us and to hope that those that come behind us will
continue the work started. More than fifty years of existence and
operation of the Forma viva International Symposium of Sculptors is an
opportunity to analyze the path we have walked to look into the future.
The exhibition and present monograph are evidence that the idea of the
initiators of the international sculptural symposia is alive and in a
condition that gives hope that, adapted to our time, it will long be
possible to invite and bring together sculptors from all over the world.
Author:Nives Marvin
Title:Mira Ličen Krmpotić
Location:Izola, Slovenia
Publisher:Obalne Galerije Piran
Year of publication:2010
The pictures of Mira Ličen Krmpotić are not religious although their titles allude to biblical events; neither are they realistic descriptions despite their being representational. Nevertheless, they are not merely visions or allusionatory states. These pictures are sublime works, i.e. works without a real object, images of loss of Son, and the desire to be united with the Divine.
Author:Enzo Di Martino
Title:Marino Marini: Graphic opus
Location:Milano, Italy
Publisher:Fabbri Editori
Year of publication:1994
Author:Peter Baum
Title:Nicola De Maria: Poesia Dipinta
Location:Zurich, Switzerland
Publisher:Unikate Zurich
Year of publication:1998