Piran Coastal Galleries are constantly involved in the development of a rich and diversified didactic program, in order to introduce the collections of the galleries to a diversified public. We think it is of
paramount importance to bring children closer to art, and to educate the new generations, developing their creativity, their critical thinking, and their empathy. For this reason, the institution is focused on dedicating a special program of activities and workshops for young people and children. The Coastal Galleries cooperate with several schools in Piran and other cities of the littoral, collaborating with teachers and developing a series of activities during the school year and for those special events that are part of the artistic tradition of the area, such as the international art contest Ex Tempore and the international sculpture symposium Forma viva.

Education program

Museum education is today an essential tool, in order to transform cultural institutions into melting pots of personal growth and cultural enrichment. The didactic department of Piran Coastal Galleries pursues this crucial purpose for the municipality of Piran and for the Istrian area. This section shows the didactic activities organized by the education department of the PCG group in the last years, and the scheduled activities for the next months


Piran Coastal Galleries manage a library with a relevant section of exhibition catalogues, books, newspapers and magazines focused on art, and photographs concerning the activity of the galleries and the international sculpture symposium Forma viva. The content of the collection encompasses the period between the 60s and present day. Main purposes of the library are research and analysis, but the institution is open to whoever wants to study modern and contemporary art, such as school students, artists, and scholars. Since the sources are stored in different location, it is required to contact the staff in advance to schedule an appointment.