Prešeren: Poetry flies | 

Graphic workshop |

Herman Pečarič Gallery, Piran |

12th of February 2020

This year on the day of Prešeren a graphic workshop entitled Prešeren, poetry flies was held at the Herman Pečarič Gallery. The event was designed and created by the curator and pedagogist of the Coastal Galleries Ana Papež and the painter Matjaž Borovničar. Borovničar teaches art, technical and technology education at the Šmarje pri Kopru primary school and at the Center for Hearing and Speech Correction in Portorož. The Prešeren workshop Poetry in the Years is part of the annual activities and events on the theme of migration of the SKUM project (Development of communication skills through cultural and artistic education). Students of elementary school in Šmarje pri Kopru, elementary school in Sečovlje, elementary school Lucia, SE / Vincenzo and Diego de Castro from elementary school Piran, CKSG Portorož and students of the Gymnasium in Piran took part at the workshop.

After the reception in the Pečarič Gallery and the guided tour of the current exhibitions, the participants were introduced to the Migration project and then they started carving butterflies. The butterfly was chosen as a symbol of migration because of its interesting development process and for its variety of shapes and colors. The butterfly becomes a symbol of a multicultural society since is an insect that migrates to survive (like humans) and lives in all the continents (except Antarctica).

The workshop participants were introduced to the concepts of gallery, curator, exhibition, symbol, graphics, installation … each student carved a butterfly and wrote a piece of poetry or verses on it, then the poem flew to the sky on butterfly wings. At the end of the day the students with the help of their mentors created a spatial installation in the Herman Pečarič Gallery's garden.

Since Migration (with the butterfly as a symbol) is a SKUM's annual project, students of all ages during the school year tackle topics related to migration and butterflies in most school subjects. Attention is focused on dialogue, tolerance, cooperation, respect and importance of peace, respect for human rights, individual responsibility, learning Slovenian poetry and in foreign languages, creation and connection. The goal of SKUM and the entire project is to make students aware and prepare them for living in a modern and increasingly intercultural society. The artistic experience has great pedagogical potential and allows you to access reality in a special way and encourages intelligence, creativity, the creation of a self-image and innovative forms of learning.

The project involves students of different ages, from primary school to high school and people with special needs.
For the Prešeren, Poetry Years event the Coastal Galleries gave part of the top floor of the Herman Pečarič Gallery to the students to cover a large area with the butterflies made by them. Several canvases covered with sand and butterflies made by students of the Šmarje pri Kopru elementary school were also exhibited at the opening of the exhibition Transfiguration in the Apollonius Palace in Piran (organized by the Runa Piran-Razzak Jubayer Gallery). The artists Matjaž Borovničar, Miha Pečar, Klavdija Marušič, Ana Papež, Aleš Lenassi, Snežana Lukić, Marija Beganović, Tanja Sičović, Jelena Miletić, Tala Lumbar and Margareta Ana Bole took part at the group exhibition.

In May the students of the Šmarje pri Kopru primary school will use the knowledge acquired during the school year to setting up an exhibition at the Medusa Gallery in Koper and realize a concept video.