For Piran Coastal Galleries, the month of September will be characterized by two historic events that are part of our artistic tradition: EX-TEMPORE PIRAN and FORMA VIVA PORTOROŽ. Concurrently, a series of special events will back up the exhibition program, with two new shows that will open in the exhibition spaces of Koper.

For EX-TEMPORE PIRAN 2021, the artists started to submit their artworks in the week ranging from the 28th of August to the 3rd of September 2021. For this special occasion, the solo show of the young artist LARA PAPOV will open to the public. She won the first prize in last year's edition for the category “young authors". Her exhibition is called PARALLAX, and is on show at the Herman Pečarič Gallery of Piran from the 28th of August to the 31st of October 2021. 

For the week of EX-TEMPORE 2021, there will be other events dedicated to children and adults. The week will end with the announcement of the winners, which will happen on Saturday, the 4th of September, during the evening, at Piran City Gallery. The event will be accompanied by the performance THE SEASONS, directed by Igor Jelen – Iggy, led by Iztok Gustinčič, and with the participation of the movement artist, dancer, choreographer and instructor, Igor Sviderski. The selected and awarded artworks will be displayed at Piran City Gallery from Sunday, the 5th of September, until Sunday, the 31st of October, and at Monfort Gallery Portorož from Saturday, the 4th of September, until Sunday, the 31st of October 2021.

FORMA VIVA PORTOROŽ  celebrates in September its 60° anniversary, in the name of nature and its strict relationship with contemporary art. For the special occasion of the inauguration of the international symposium of sculpture, Piran Coastal Galleries, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, the Municipality of Piran, the Municipality of Koper, the Municipality of Izola, the Municipality of Ankaran, and in collaboration with the Italian Community of Piran Giuseppe Tartini, organizes the opening ceremony and the concert of the chamber orchestra I FILARMONICI DI ROMA, which will be held on the 10th of September 2021 at the Sculpture Park ( in the Linder area) of Forma viva, at Seča, Portorož. On the same day at 10:00,  the press conference of Forma viva will take place at the workshop area, where donors, supporters, and plenty of sponsors of this special edition will be present, in conjunction with the four sculptors: Mario Lopes (1981) from Portugal, Jure Markota (1985) from Slovenia, Alberto Scodro (1984) from Italy and Max M. Seibald (1968) from Austria. This special anniversary will also be marked by the project of Vincent Ceraudo (1986), a conceptual and imaginative Parisian artist. Ceraudo will propose a site-specific artistic intervention inside the sculpture park of Seča, for the end of the symposium. The leitmotiv of his project is the research of the symbiosis between stone, music and light, between tradition and innovation.An important target achieved in connection with this year's edition is undoubtedly the development of the interactive audio guide called Virtual Forma viva, containing short descriptions of twenty-one sculptures located in the park and its surroundings. The authors of this project are Črt Brajnik, director and editor, and Marko Peršolja, webmaster, both from Koper. The guide is accessible through the new website (Exhibitions – Virtual Forma viva).

After the solo show of TILEN ŽBONA, which will be open until the 5th of September, with the last guided tour available on Wednesday, the 1st of September, at 11:00, the Loza Gallery of Koper will host a new photographic solo show. 

The Koper based artist NATAŠA SEGULIN, who already held a show in the gallery some years ago, is glad to present her fourth artistic series titled LUMEN. The exhibition, realized thanks to the collaboration with Galerija Fotografija of Ljubljana, had to make a stop in Koper. The photographic narration is indeed located in the ruined building of the old monastery of the Servites, which was until 1996 the home to the maternity ward, situated in the centre of Koper. The exhibition is not focused only on the history of the building; the exhibition is characterised by minimalist and gentle images, through the rhythmic recurrence of archetypical forms and the marked contrasts between lights and shadows, which hide a lot of personal memories underneath its surface. 

The exhibition LUMEN will inaugurate on the 17th of September and will be open until November 2021.After the summer break, Meduza Gallery is setting up a new collective exhibition. SPEKULA is the result of a multiannual project, organized in collaboration with the Faculty of Education of the University of the Littoral. The third edition of SPEKULA, titled PRAŠNE POVRŠINE – UMETNOST KOT MISEL O NARAVI (DUSTY SURFACES – ART AS AN IDEA ON NATURE), presents a gaze on the contemporary tendencies of cultural and artistic phenomena and the relationship between artworks and the attention towards nature and its preservation. The section of the exhibition called DIAPAZON POGLEDA (THE RANGE OF VIEW) will be set up at the Meduza Gallery of Koper, where Nina Mršnik, Lara Marconi e Eda Birsa will put their work on display. The authors are active in the contemporary artistic production, and through the prismatic approach of three different points of view, forming together a common language. The exhibition will inaugurate on the 24th of September and will be open until November 2021.We are looking forward to see you at the events of September!