Gani Llalloshi: Walk with me, images from the path | 

Civic gallery, Piran | 

12th of July – 1st of September 2019 |

Inauguration: Friday, 12th of July 2019, 8.00 pm

Rina, 2017, acrylic on jute, 24 x 18 cm

After Harvest, 2019, acrylic on jute, 200 x 300 cm

Gani Llalloshi is one of the most important artists of the middle generation active in Slovenia and internationally. At the end of last year he held a large solo exhibition at the Central Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Pristina (National Art Gallery of Kosovo). His artistic vision is open to the world, focused on contemporary, political and social issues. He is a painter, a drawer and a designer but also uses performances and installations to enter in the public space, even if painting remains the most used medium and for which he is best known.

Accepting his almost bulimic need to paint means embarking with him on the path of stories already lived, but never fully told. The narration of the family album (The Tree of Live) is set in his past; the cycle entitled Walk with me is dedicated to his daughter Rina, who cannot accompany the artist on her long daily walks. Therefore, the author uses his mobile phone to capture snapshots of the “journey" and then merges them into a series of large format images. The physical-mental ritual of the artist which turns out to be an important part of his creative process – according to director Robert Wilson, creativity is not in the head but in the body – with which he proposes a simple story of small but precious moments of our everyday life, which strengthen human bonds and acquire importance if they can be shared.

Gani Llalloshi was born in Pristina (Kosovo) in 1965. He graduated in 1989 in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Pristina with Prof. N. Salihamenxhiqi and specialized in 1991 in painting with Professor Andrej Jemec at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana and in graphics with Professor Lojze in 1993. He obtained the DAAD scholarship to study at the HDK in Berlin in 1997/98. He has been a member of the DSLU since 1990. He lives and works in Piran.

INFO: Majda Božeglav Japelj,, Telephone 051 362 94