The painting now! Slovenia 2021 | 

Monfort Gallery, Portorož |

24th of June 2021 – 29th of September 2021 

On the eve of Statehood Day, the 30th anniversary of Slovenia’s declaration of independence, on the 24th of June 2021, at 20.00, we will inaugurate the exhibition THE PAINTING NOW! SLOVENIA 2021. The exhibition will last until the 29th of August, and will present the artworks of:

Suzana Brborović, Nina Čelhar, Matej Čepin, Barbara Drev, Marko Jakše, Staš Kleindienst, Robert Lozar, Ira Marušič, Katja Pál, Miha Štrukelj, Maruša Šuštar, Joni Zakonjšek, Nika Zupančič.

The exhibition is the result of a fruitful collaboration between Piran Coastal Galleries and the Nova Gorica City Art Gallery. The exhibition consists in two different but complementary stagings: in May thirteen Slovene painters displayed their work in Nova Gorica City Art Gallery, whereas in the summer months they will show different artworks in Monfort Gallery Portorož, mostly large-scale paintings.

Andrej Medved, the curator of the show, included in the exhibition artists with different poetics that express the multifaceted tendencies of contemporary Slovene art, without any limitations regarding age or generation. The quality of the artwork is the only thing that matters, with a special emphasis on creative flair and contemporaneity, and a focus on the artistic production of the last two years.

The exceptional creativity of the artworks on display overcomes the nostalgic reminders of the past and the absence of inventiveness. New Slovene painting is the leitmotiv of the exhibition, a movement that is rising day to day and is able to introduce in our knowledge and in our collective imaginary a considerable level of creativity and visual empathy. This artistic movement reappears after decades of silence and media blackout.

The exhibition is accompanied by an extensive catalogue, containing texts of the curator Andrej Medved.