You are cordially invited to a guided tour of the exhibition THE BODY AS A POINT OF VIEW
with curator HANA ČEFERIN.


Loža Gallery Koper
Thursday, 11 August 2022, at 18:00


The exhibition THE BODY AS A POINT OF VIEW created in collaboration with Galerija Fotografija, is designed as a group exhibition of contemporary Slovenian photographers: Uroš Abram, Vanja Bućan, Boris Gaberščik, Andrej Lamut, Tanja Lažetic, Tilyen Mucik, Janez Pukšič, Blaž Rojs.
The selection of photographic works by authors of various ages, genders, temporal placement, location and interests attempts to show the multifaceted treatment of the human body in art. The common denominator of the exhibited works is their tendency towards curiosity, creativity and diversity, while at the same time exploring the relationship between the creator and the subject.
Everyone approaches the motif of the body in their own unique way and it is through this that they show a distinct picture of the development of contemporary Slovenian photography. More information at the link…