Piran Coastal Galleries is planning the program for August and September, marked by two events that combine tradition with innovation: FORMA VIVA PORTOROŽ and EX-TEMPORE PIRAN.

The preparations for the 60th anniversary of FORMA VIVA PORTOROŽ 1961-2021 are coming to an end. The event will be accompanied by a rich program, created in collaboration with several partners, companies, and local communities. One of the pivotal projects realised in the context of the celebrations of this special anniversary, promoted by the new direction of Piran Coastal Galleries, in the figure of Mara Ambrožič Verderber, is the creation of a new interactive audio guide, available in Slovene, Italian, and English. The virtual tour of Forma viva will be presented very soon to the public.

The celebratory symposium FORMA VIVA PORTOROŽ 1961-2021 (10th of September, 16th of October 2021) is dedicated to nature, and its interplay with contemporary art, and is thus titled ART & NATURE. Nature is presented in its multifaceted aspects as a decorative element and as an artistic challenge for the creations of the four invited artists: Max M. Seibald (Lienz, 1968), Austria; Alberto Scodro (Marostica, 1984), Italy; Mario Lopes (Leiria, 1981), Portugal; Jure Markota (Slovenj Gradec, 1981), Slovenia. The four sculptors are internationally renowned, mid-career protagonists of the current art scene. The artists will work on Istrian stone, coming from the quarry of Kanfanar, Croatia, and the result of their work will be placed in four different Istrian cities, Piran, Izola, Koper and Ankaran. The four coastal municipalities actively took part in the organization of this event, which has been renowned and recognizable in the international art scene for six decades. Before the beginning of the symposium, there will be a press conference, accompanied by a special program, which will take place in the sculpture park of Forma Viva, at the beginning of September. Further information is available at the following link.

Moreover, the beginning of the traditional art contest EX-TEMPORE PIRAN, which has reached its 56th edition, is nearing. The event will be held from the 28th of August to the 4th of September 2021. The beginning of the contest will coincide with the exhibition of intermedia artist LARA PAPOV, who won the prize for the best young author, which consists of a solo show organized inside the Herman Pečarič Gallery. The awarded artwork stands out for its conceptual approach and foretells an interesting exhibition of new pieces titled PARALAKSE (PARALLAX). The artworks are on show at Herman Pečarič Gallery of Piran, from the 28th of August until the 31st of October 2021.

During the closing week of Ex-tempore, there will be a lot of events and activities dedicated to children and adults.

The jury of experts for EX-TEMPORE PIRAN 2021 is formed by: Miran Mohar (Ljubljana), internationally renowned artist, member of the IRWIN group, vice dean of the AVA Academy of Visual Arts of Ljubljana; Nemanja Cvijanović (Rijeka), artist and professor at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice; Corinne Mazzoli (Venice), multimedia artist and academic researcher at the IUAV University of Venice. Like every edition, the jury will select the artworks for the exhibition and will confer most of the awards. The proclamation of the winners will occur on the evening of the 4th of September at the Civic Gallery of Piran and will be overseen by the director Igor Jelen Iggy.

In conjunction with the exhibition of MIRA LIČEN, LUX ET VOX, the Educational Department of Piran Coastal Galleries organized two creative workshops dedicated to children and adults, on the 4th of August. In the workshop My mosaic, directed by the artist herself under the guidance of Ana Papež, curator and educator, the participants realized some mosaics using the technique of glass on glass. Those who took part in the workshop had the opportunity of taking home the result of their work.

There will also be the possibility of taking a guided tour to the exhibition with the artist Mira Lićen and the curator of the show Nives Marvin, on Saturday, the 14th of August 2021, 11:00, at the Civic Gallery of Piran. On that occasion, the official catalogue will be presented to the public. The last chance to take a guided tour of the exhibition will occur on Saturday, the 21st of August 2021, at 11:00.

During the second half of August, there will be a funny and engaging workshop that will be held in the open air, following the spirit of the 60th anniversary of Forma viva. The exhibition sites of Piran Coastal Galleries will host four green cubes that will be located in the public spaces of the coastal municipalities (Piran, Izola, Koper, Ankaran). Children and students will have the possibility of drawing on them and working them following their inspiration and aesthetic value. Welcome to Forma Viva BITE!

On the 29th of August, the exhibition THE PAINTING NOW! will come to an end, with a guided tour that will be available at 11:00. The artworks and the artists will be introduced by the curator Andrej Medved; some of the artists will also be present and will be glad to answer the questions of the public. We are looking forward to seeing you!