Joso Knez: Hope, voice, path… |

Loža Gallery, Koper |

29th of October 2020 – 29th of November 2020 

Joso Knez is an academic painter whose works, with their intense colours and motifs, illustrate the author’s passion for both the Dalmatian and the Coastal landscapes. His positive energy and enthusiasm are reflected in the works by figural images, trees, abstract shapes, and landscapes. At the exhibition Hope, Voice, Path… Knez presents his works of the last ten years. These are part of a cycle that is not yet fully completed; it could be divided into sections covering trees, landscapes, and abstraction. His trees are not just trees but another symbol of life principles and foundations. It is primarily a symbol of connection with the ancestors, the family in the broadest sense possible and a symbol of unity. A family tree, a pedigree, sometimes illustrated only as a trunk, represents a record of an individual's ancestors arranged in a tree structure, the purpose of which is to show blood kinship or connections between individuals. In the author's trees are hidden the symbolisms of father, mother, daughter, and most of the family of his wife. Family is his greatest inspiration.

Joso Knez often places a landscape and a human figure among the trees. The view of the landscape comes from the environment familiar to Jos, regarding Dalmatia and the coast. These are open spaces where the human figure stands alone. The viewer identifies with it and thus enters the space / landscape, experiencing depth, spaciousness, freedom. Joso’s passion is also reflected by the colour itself. His works are full of chromatic contrasts, and despite the choice of cool colours, they give the viewer a feeling of warmth. Even when he uses no more than three colours, the paintings look rich, full, and varied. When he uses warm colours, he adds them spontaneously; borrowing the terms from music we could say vivace; he gives free rein to painting, he does not use only a brush, he intensifies the rhythm with his palm and fingers.

Joso Knez is a painter with a distinctive style, a man who, with his childish innocence and his strong energy, nourishes his works, and is fed by them, closing the circle of artistic production. Hope, Voice, Path … is a title that says a lot about the author. Joso Knez listened to his inner voice and faithfully followed his path, his mission to spread good and positive values around him.

Joso Knez was born in 1959 in Zadar. At the age of six, he moved with his parents to Bertoki, where he still lives and works today. In 1978 he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice and in 1982 graduated in painting under the guidance of prof. Zotti. In 1988, he received a scholarship from the Italian government for postgraduate studies in Rome, which opened new horizons for him and, like Venice, strongly influenced the formation of his artistic style and his thinking in general. He likes to experiment and use various techniques, such as the fresco-secco technique, and teaches art lessons at primary schools in the Littoral region. He led various painting courses, art circles and workshops. He has exhibited in several sites in Slovenia.