Jumping on the grass, climbing on a tree

Art contest


For the Veseli dan kulture, (the happy day of culture), celebrated each year on the 3d of December, Piran Coastal Galleries organized a special event inspired by the video of Anja Jerčič Jakob Periphery (exhibited at the Civic Gallery of Piran) and by the art exhibition Hope, Voice, Path… of the artist Joso Knez, displayed at the Loža Gallery of Koper. These artworks should be your source of inspiration for the creation of your own tree, your garden, your forest, or whatever glimpse of nature that attracts your attention.
Periphery is an artwork dedicated to the forest areas of the Polish landscape, and the suggestions created by that environment on the spectator, who becomes a wanderer.
The exhibition of Joso Knez consists in a series of artworks that can be divided in three main themes: trees, landscapes, and abstractions. Trees carry a special symbolism, connecting the earth with the sky through their deep roots and their tall branches.
This year, the Veseli dan kulture is different from the past editions, as many cultural institutions are closed for Prešeren’s birthday.
Take a photo of your artwork and attach your contacts on the caption (title of the artwork, name and surname of the artist, technique) and send it to ana.papez@obalne-galerije.si.
The pictures will be published on the official Facebook page and on the website of Piran Coastal Galleries.