The Sculpture Symposium in Portorož has celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2021. On the occasion of this important anniversary, the Piran Coastal Galleries designed a multi-layered promotional campaign aimed at various publics: the general public, the youngest and young population, professionals, the media, financial and business partners.
We are pleased to announce that the media coverage of the events and the anniversary itself was generous: more than 40 journalistic printed articles and radio and television articles and more than 40 publications on web portals and media. Among these are longer articles in Delo, Primorske novice and Družina, as well as many articles in the main nation TV dailies, as well as in special shows with a high rating (Good Morning, Eighth Day, Echoes, Primorska kronika, etc.), with some longer articles on Italian television (RAI TG regionale, Artevisione). Among the audiovisual articles, the one-hour article on Radio Capodistria (“Historia Istrae") and the half-hour article on TV Koper (Primorska kronika) stand out.
In total, the media published printed articles on Forma Viva on the occasion of its 60th anniversary, with a total circulation of 59,141 copies. The audiovisual contributions, which focused on the presentation of content about Forma Viva and the importance of this event in our environment, achieved a total rating of 300,000 (total radio broadcasts and television contributions). We also record a remarkable increase in reporting on the activities of the Piran Coastal Galleries and Forma Viva 2021 on various online portals, and we estimate that articles on Forma Viva have been clicked as many as 5,000 times.
In addition, the media campaign was dynamically set up through the classic medium of posterization of urban centers and dynamic communication in three languages ​​on social networks OGP (FB, Instagram, Youtoube) and social networks of all partners (via links #hastag), namely: Ministry of Culture RS, Municipality of Piran, Municipality of Koper, Municipality of Izola and Municipality of Ankaran in cooperation with the Association of Italian Communities Giuseppe Tartini and Mediadom Pyrhani Piran, School for Curators from Venice and sponsors: Vinakoper, Julius Meinl, Environment Piran and Trixin doo The number of users of online social networks who received news (short, instant messages, photos directly from events) also reached the expected number of thousands of views (all portals).
According to the performed analyzes, the visit to the main event and all accompanying activities reached as many as 2.000 visitors.