Kiar (Bogdan) Meško was born in 1936 in Trdkova near Murska Sobota. In 1985, he graduated with a degree in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, where he also completed his specialization under professor Gabrijel Stupica. Later on, he pursued further training in Germany and on study trips to Italy and England.  Meško’s work includes paintings, drawings and prints, for which he received many prestigious awards. His paintings and prints were featured in numerous exhibition in Slovenia and abroad. He lives and works in Ljubljana.

At the 1997 symposium, Meško carved his sculpture from the Lipica marble. His work was to be placed along one of the roads in the Karst region, but this plan never came to fruition. The sculpture now stands on the periphery of the park in Seča. It is made from Karst marble, which is highly valued and sought after all over the world for its distinctive grey colour, and stands out among other sculptures that are made from bright white Istrian stone. Meško’s choice of a figural sculpture, designed to be observed from the front, as if it were a painting, testifies of a completely different perception of the sculptural object in space. Nevertheless, the male head, shaped in the naturalistic style, immediately attracts curios looks from the park’s visitors. Its hair, blowing in the wind, gives the impression that perhaps we’re looking at a god of wind, while the smooth surface of the nose reveals that many visitors cannot resist the need to touch the sculpture, which gives a relaxing haptic experience of the stone artwork.