Erik Lovko was born in 1953 in Postojna. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence in 1979, he completed a sculpture specialization in Ljubljana. He began group exhibitions in Italy in 1974. He also had his first solo exhibition in Florence two years later. He later liked to return to the Tuscan capital again and again. The list of his group exhibitions reveals regular participations in traditional domestic as well as other international exhibitions. Between 1978 and 1999, he had the opportunity to participate in sculptural symposia, including the Portorož Forma Viva (1979, 1999). In addition to sculpture, painting and graphics, he also occasionally engaged in illustration and caricature. He lived and worked in Postojna, where he died in 2009.

Lovko designed his sculpture for the space in front of the entrance to Piran, so he imagined a floor composition created for views from above. Drivers could experience it from afar when driving down a steep road. For unexplained reasons, the sculpture was never placed in the place for which it was created, only after many years did it get a place in the park next to the Koper market, where it stands today. Its vibrant constructivist construction has also developed its multi-layered communication component in the new environment. The period of its creation coincides with the author’s postgraduate studies at the Ljubljana Academy (1979), when he was mainly interested in the synthesized play of plastic forms. the impression of continuous movement, which the author wanted to further emphasize with the title Waves – Coast – Wind.