LOVE, intergenerational workshop of collage at the Tartini Theatre of Piran

“Love, it must be allowed, is an able master,
He teaches us to be what we never were before”.

Piran Coastal Galleries, in collaboration with TA Maona Piran, are glad to invite you, on the 16th of August 2021, at 17:00 to the workshop Love, which will be held at the Tartini Theatre of Piran, in connection with the exhibition Safet Zec: Exodus and Embraces.
The workshop will be focused on the collage technique (from the French coller – to glue) and is open to whoever has experience with glue and has experienced some form of love in his life (dedicated to people from 10 to 120 years).
The necessary tools and materials will be available at the Tartini Theatre. The workshop is for free. Since number of participants is limited (up to 20 people), reservation is required.
Send your submission to Ana Papež, museum educator and curator, at 070 760 950 or
The workshop will be followed at 19:00 by a special exhibition, where the artworks created during the workshop will be displayed inside Tartini Theatre. The show will be open until Friday, the 27th of August 2021.

The two cycles of paintings hosted in the theatre were created by Safet Zec during the last twenty years, inspired by some of the most dramatic moments of contemporaneity, like the Srebenica genocide, the tragedy of Boško and Admira (also known as Romeo and Juliet in Sarajevo), and the problem of human migration, which also afflict children and innocents. An exhibition catalogue accompanies the show, with texts by Giandomenico Romanelli and Nives Marvin, curated by Hana Zec.

Promoters: Piran Coastal Galleries, Travel Agency Maona Piran, “Friends of the Treasures of St. George” society.

In partnership with: Piran Municipality, Italian Community “Giuseppe Tartini”, Piran Parish, Portorož Auditorium, Tourist Board Portorož.