Lučka Šparovec: Passage | 

Meduza Gallery, Koper |

21st of April 2021 – 11th of June 2021

Lučka Šparovec’s visual artworks are currently on display at Meduza Gallery, Koper; her series of paintings and drawings is sophisticated, elegant, refined, empathetic. Her creative process starts with realistic forms, but the outlines progressively turn into abstract shapes. In the last period of her career, the artist focused mainly on painting, emphasizing the abstract tendencies of her style, but nevertheless evoking concrete situations through her blurred images. Lučka’s expressive language, based on pale shades, is always connected with pink, which is the stylistic leitmotif throughout her whole artistic production.

The exhibition at Meduza Gallery includes large scale drawings, paintings, and artifacts. Even if they can be appreciated separately, they share a strong connection: this interaction is embodied by the subjective individuality of the present day, which highlights the relevance of spirituality in everyday life. These opposing poles produce an interesting complexity that looks like a materialization of human thought.

Lučka Šparovec was born in Kranj in 1984. She studied painting from 2005 to 2010 at the Drawing and Paintinng School of Lubiana, graduating cum laude. In 2016, during her period of study at the University of Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design, she was awarded with the Prešeren Prize for Painting. Her artwork was displayed in important exhibitions in Canada, Great Britain, Russia, Austria, Italy, Slovakia, Turkey, Israel and in the Balkans. In 2019, she represented Slovenia at the International Fair of Figurative Arts of Montenegro, in the context of the intergovernmental Adriatic-Ionian initiative. She is an active member of the Visual Artists Association in Ljubljana and the Visual Arts Association in Kranj.