Friday, October 8th,2021 at 6pm |

 Conversation with the director of photography Radovan Čok |

 Film screening of the movie Piran / Pirano |

Radovan Čok is one of the most important directors of photography of the Yugoslav and Slovene cinema, he has worked in the photography field and filmmaking for more than 50 years. His ability and sensitivity for shooting and framing is proved by several fundamental movies which are part of the movie culture and the cultural heritage.

During his career he made 25 long feature and television films, 30 documentaries, 71 short feature films and more than 80 commissioned industrial or commercial films. Radovan Čok is also a pedagogue and author of numerous photography manuals, photographic procedures and film processing techniques, he’s also a collaborator of AGRF and of the School of Art of Nova Gorica. He won many awards such as the special award Metod Badjura for photography in 1984, the silver award Metod Badjura for photopraphy in 1993, The Kodak award for photography in 1999 and 2001, the Vesna award for Photography in 2001. Among his best-known movies there are: The time of crisis, A short Anthem to the Homeland, Rascals!, Irena, Trieste al confine, Karst 88, Desperado tonic, Kiss of death, The Passage, Piran / Pirano e Čefurji raus!