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This year’s Prešeren Day presentation is organized by curator and pedagogue of the Piran Coastal Galleries Ana Papež, in collaboration with artist and art pedagogue Matjaž Borovničar (Šmarje pri Kopru Primary School) and art pedagogue Andreja Ozebek (Sečovlje Elementary School, Piran). Its central theme is the cultural and natural heritage of the place of origin of the pupils and students of the participating schools.

Under the blanket title Stories of My Hometown, the participants were able to choose anything that is characteristic of their place, be it tangible or intangible heritage, important personalities of a chosen place or its typical vegetation. We received very different products, from those with an emphasis on historical buildings, monuments and parts of a city, to those with an emphasis on cultural landscapes such as the Sečovlje salt pans, or presentations of different types of olive trees … The stories are presented with animation, GIFs, videos (raster image format). If students only sent us photos of one specific cultural landmark, we transformed them into GIFs.

We have gathered the products of all participating schools into a joint video, which will be available for viewing on the occasion of Slovenian Cultural Holiday, on Tuesday, February 8, on all channels of the Piran Coastal Galleries (PCG/OGP website, FB page and Youtube channel PCG/OGP).

The film will also be shown throughout the day, from 10 am to 5 pm, at two accessible locations in Koper and Portorož. In the municipality of Piran, the film will be screened at the Monfort Gallery in Portorož, in the form of a large projection, where visitors will also be provided with seats. The screening will take into account the safe distance between visitors.

In Koper, the film will be shown on Ukmar’s Square by the main beach, where the famous red kiosk K67 from the collection of the Piran Coastal Galleries stands. This year, the films will be screened at locations along the promenades of Piran and Koper. We have designed user-friendly layouts with the aim of providing young people, families and all culture enthusiasts a safe and pleasant viewing of these original and imaginative products.

The video will be distributed to all participating schools, which will also screen it at their locations. This year, as many as 17 schools are participating: Šmarje pri Kopru Primary School, Sečovlje Primary School, Prade Primary School, Kidričevo Primary School, Electro and Maritime Secondary School (GEPŠ), Ginnasio / Gian Rinaldo Carli Secondary School Koper, Dornberk Primary School, Branik Primary School, Fran Albrecht Kamnik Primary School, Koper Secondary Technical School, Hrvatini Primary School, Gračišče Primary School, Šturje Ajdovščina Primary School, Sostro Primary School, Vicenzo e Diego di Castro Primary School Piran, Ciril Kosmač Primary School Piran, and Koper Secondary School.

The purpose of this project is to raise awareness of the importance of cultural heritage, to remind the participants of how it is properly handled, and to broaden our horizons. With this task, the pupils and students also refreshed their knowledge of making animations and did some serious brainstorming while creating in this medium.

We at Piran Coastal Galleries are very content and honored that as many as 17 schools from all over Slovenia have decided to participate in our initiative, despite limited possibilities due to the many quarantines and medical absences, of which there are still many in schools. We sincerely thank all the participants and promise them that due to their exceptional response, we will continue to strive to collaborate with them again next year.

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