The peak of this year’s summer season will be diverse, internationally and locally oriented as well as playful and fun. In the second half of August, the Piran Coastal Galleries will introduce themselves in Norway with a big international exhibition, while at the end of summer, Piran will see a rich cultural programme of the traditional EX-TEMPORE PIRAN, which has been running in this picturesque town uninterruptedly for more than half a century.

Until the end of August, in Piran you can visit two popular exhibits: PANORAMA: A selection from the art fond of the Piran Coastal Galleries in the Piran Town Gallery (until 21 August 2022) and NA DRUGI STRANI/ON THE OTHER SIDE by DANIELA DANICA TEPEŠ in the Monfort Gallery in Portorož (until 21 August 2022).

As announced, a special place in this year’s exhibition programme is occupied by the international group exhibition with the suggestive title (EVERYTHING IS) NOT WHAT IT SEEMS (NE TAKO, KOT SE ZDI), which will be hosted by the NITJA Centre for Contemporary Art, Lillestrøm/Oslo from 20 August to 25 September 2022.
The project is a co-production of NITJA (Centre for Contemporary Art) from Norway, the renowned Arts Council Norway institution, and the Piran Coastal Galleries. At the invitation of the NITJA centre, the exhibition was conceived and designed by a visiting curator Mara Ambrožič Verderber, the director of the Piran Coastal Galleries. It includes a selection of artworks of sixteen international artists established on the world art scene: Primož Bizjak (Slovenia), Vincent Ceraudo (France), Nemanja Cvijanović (Croatia), Andrea Fraser (USA), Meta Grgurevič (Slovenia), Anawana Haloba (Zambia/Norway), Einat Cohen (Israel), Corinne Mazzoli (Italy), Ane Mette Hol (Norway), Emil Memon (Slovenia/USA), Hanna Filomen Mjåvatn (Norway) & Kira Senkpiel (Germany), Nika Neelova (Great Britain), Kathryn Smith (South Africa), Andrej Škufca (Slovenia), Lučka Šparovec (Slovenia), and Robert Watts (USA). The concept of the exhibition revolves around questions and themes that study what is happening on the other side of the visible reality of things. It will present works comprising everything from new technologies to high-tech sculptures, and from kinetics to film and photography, and offer the spectator an experience that is scientific, witty, beautiful, and accessible to the wider public at the same time. The exhibition includes a series of artworks from the public art collection of the Piran Coastal Galleries and other collections (UGM Maribor, Noire Foundation Turin, the NGH Collection, Mengeš, and others). Next year, the exhibition will also be hosted by the Piran Coastal Galleries. For more info click here…


The popular international painting event will this year see its 57th edition, which will take place in the week from 27 August 2022 to 3 August 2022. During the week, several accompanying events will be happening, among which the opening of the personal exhibition of KLAVDIJA JERŠINOVEC in the Herman Pečarič Gallery on Friday, 26 August 2022 at 8 pm, stands out. Last year, this artist was awarded by the expert jury for the best artwork by a young artist. The exhibition will feature works created recently. More at…


As every year, the Giuseppe Tartini Piran Community of Italians organises a special cultural event during the EX-TEMPORE week. On Thursday, 1 September 2022, at 7 pm, a guided tour of the exhibition and a meeting with members of the pottery group, which is led by Apolonija Krejačič, will be held at the Tartini House.

In the Piran Town Gallery on Thursday, 1 September 2022 at 8 pm, an interesting dance performance by MATEJA BUČAR entitled PARQUET BALL / NAD PARKETOM will follow. Other participants include Vadim Fiškin (visual image), Kristina Aleksova & Tina Valentan (movement, dance, co-creation), Borut Savski (sound), and Jaka Šimenc (light). The performance will take placein collaboration with DUM – društvo umetnikov and the Maska Institute. The project is supported by the Municipality of Ljubljana, Department of Culture.


Ex-tempore Piran also invites young artists. In addition to the CHILDREN’S EX-TEMPORE, which will be carried out for different ages at Tartini Square in Piran on Thursday, 1 September 2022, from 9 am to 1 pm, this year will see two additional children’s workshops: PAINTING ON THE FLOOR and DRAWING WITH “POSCA” MARKERS, which will take place on Tuesday, 30 August 2022, and Wednesday, 31 August 2022, between 10 am and 1 pm in the Monfort Gallery in Portorož. For more information, please contact

The international jury of EX-TEMPORE PIRAN 2022 will meet in the Monfort Gallery, on Friday, 2 September 2022, where they will judge the submitted artworks, select pieces for the exhibition, and award the majority of awards. This year’s jury members are: Riccardo Caldura, the director of the Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia (Italy), Vadim Fiškin, artist, scientist, visiting professor at the Kunstuniversität (2006–2007) in Linz, and a professor at the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design between 2012–2018 (Slovenia), and Jerica Ziherl, and art historian and the director/custodian of the Lapidarium Museum in Novigrad (Croatia). EX-TEMPORE PIRAN 2022 will conclude with the reception of the awardees in Art Hotel Tartini at 7 pm and the award ceremony on Saturday, 3 September 2022, at 8 pm at Tartini Square in Piran, which will this year be hosted by journalist and TV presenter KARIN SABADIN. During the ceremony and into the late hours we will be entertained by the bossa-pop sounds of the XAZZ (Xequtifz Jazz) ensemble, accompanied by the vocals of the singer Aleksandra Čermelj from Primorska.
The exhibition of selected and awarded works will be held in the Piran Town Gallery from 3 September to 2 October 2022, and later in the Monfort Gallery in Portorož from 3 September to 9 October 2022. More info at…

In the Loža Gallery in Koper, an original group photo exhibition entitled TELO KOT NAČIN GLEDANJA (THE BODY AS A WAY OF SEEING) runs until 11 September 2022. The selection of authors strives to portray with the works of artists, who differ in age, sex, time frame, and interests, a multi-layered discussion of the human body in art. This interesting and attractive theme is an invitation to a guided tour, given by the curator HANA ČEFERIN, on Thursday, 11 August 2022 at 6 pm in the Loža Gallery.

Until 30 September 2022, the Meduza Gallery is displaying a light-sound installation KOZMIČNI DEŽ (COSMIC RAIN) by TILEN SEPIČ. The installation deals with and materialises muons, particles insusceptible to humans which are created in the upper layers of the atmosphere upon the impact of cosmic rays from space. At any moment, they transverse through our bodies, large natural masses, and human infrastructure, while they mostly decay in the depths of the earth. More…

The autumn cycle of exhibitions starts with an independent exhibition of the increasingly established artist from Primorska, LARA JERANKO MARCONI, entitled NOREC (A LUNATIC), which will open on 16 September 2022, at 7 pm, in the Loža Gallery in Koper. You can read more about the event in the preview of events for September.

We look forward to seeing you!