Majda Skrinar: Popoldan
2004, watercolour on paper, 52 x 72 cm
International Painting Collection Ex tempore Piran

Majda Skrinar (Koper 1963) is a mid-career Slovene artist. She studied painting and architecture at the University of Ljubljana and pursued her studies abroad.
Alongside many solo and collective exhibitions, she took part to many artist residencies and painting contests, such as Ex Tempore Piran, in which she won several prizes. The artwork Popoldan won the first prize for the best watercolour at the 2004 edition.

In her paintings, Majda is able to convey with tact and sensitivity the peculiar characteristics and the spiritual dimension of the coastal landscape. In her last series of marine landscapes, she included anthropic traces borrowed from the everyday context, such as architectonic elements, arbours, terraces and courtyards. The artist begins with direct observation of reality, from which she selects an element that becomes the messenger of her conscious thoughts. Later, she starts using her characteristic thin line, transferring on absorbent paper the splendour of the landscape through translucent layers of watercolours.

The equilibrium between the pure neutrality of the background and the coloured surfaces is crucial. The depicted image is simplified, essential, schematic, almost abstract, but the landscape nevertheless manages to reassure the viewer with a peaceful feeling of beatitude.