This year we will celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the international symposium of sculpture Forma viva. The edition of this year is dedicated to nature and is entitled ART & NATURE. 1961-2021

This edition will also be enriched by various events and activities for children, to introduce them to the sculptures of the permanent collection of the park, to the beauty and the appeal of Istrian stone, and to the charm of sculptural activity in general. The activities take place among the vegetation of the Seča peninsula, near Portorož, where the park stands. 

There are various types of activities, from the most theoretical ones intended to spread knowledge about the sculptures of the park, to the most practical ones, such as photography workshops, or sculpture workshops, where the children are guided by professional sculptors who will teach them the basic skills of carving. 

Every year the didactic department also organizes dance workshops inside the park, in complete harmony with nature and the environment.