Dragan Poposki – Dada was born in 1933 in Prilep. He completed his postgraduate studies in sculpture in Belgrade (1964) at the Academy of Fine Arts (Professor Johan Kratohvil). For many years he taught at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje. He continued his studies in Greece, Italy, England, France, Germany and the USA, where he also exhibited extensively. In 1977 he participated in the Portorož Symposium for the first time. In 1985 he was invited to the 7th Biennial of Small Sculpture at the Murska Sobota Gallery. He has created a series of monumental public sculptures and received numerous awards for his work. He lives and works in Skopje.

Macedonian sculptor Dragan Poposki – Dada designed his stone sundial as a simple semicircular arch. Bunky, semicircular protrusions appear on its surface, attracting the touch of passers-by. In this way, the sculptor’s intention to experience his sculpture is realized. The need for direct contact, as a way of empathizing with the sculpture, and its appearance in space are important starting points on which the artistic research of this Macedonian artist is based. He always finds inspiration in nature, its marginal, even insignificant details, which he imprints in a mildly stylized, simplified form into selected materials, in this case Istrian stone, which also becomes an important carrier of the aesthetic message.