The 2024 exhibition program of Piran Coastal Galleries begins with the presentation of the first of the two winning projects of last year's public call OPEN DOORS.

Hannes Zebedin (1976, Lienz, Austria), an Austrian academic sculptor who lives and works in the Slovenian Karst, convinced the expert committee with an engaged art project. The author reflects on the complexity of the natural and social environment in which he lives and addresses it through various artistic strategies. He reacts critically to the current pressing consequences of climate change, which are also drastically manifested in his living environment. The CEASEFIRE installation is related to the catastrophic fire that destroyed the Karst and other parts of the Slovenian Littoral in the summer of 2022. The opening of the exhibition, which will see the participation of the curators Nives Marvin and Ana Papež, will take place on Thursday, January 25, 2024, at 6 p.m. at Herman Pečarič Gallery in Piran, and will be on display until April 5, 2024.

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This year, we will prepare the OGP transfer in two locations. In the Piran Civic Gallery, on 8 February 2024 at 11 a.m., there will be a presentation of the monograph published in connection with the retrospective exhibition of the coastal artist Aleš Sedmak. The monograph covers all periods of the artist's creative work developed throughout almost 50 years of activity. Sedmak's versatile personality and works were presented from different perspectives by OGP Director Mara Ambrožič Verderber, OGP Curator Nives Marvin, Art critic and Curator of the Carinthian Gallery of Fine Arts Marko Košan, publicist Tea Štoka and Tomaž Wraber, Former President of the Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired of Slovenia. The monograph, designed by Aleš Sedmak, was brought to the final visual design by designer Duška Đukić.

The realization of the publication has been possible thanks to the many collaborators and supporters: the Kaverljag Society, the ZDSLU Ljubljana, the City of Koper and the Koper Rotary Club.
We invited the authors of the texts and partners to the presentation of the publication.

We will liven up the event with music from the Society of Friends of Music.

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The Slovenian cultural holiday will also be celebrated in Koper, where we will present the second winning project of the already mentioned public call.

The exhibition of the young interdisciplinary artist Nežka Zamar (1990, Šempeter pri Gorica), formed at the Venice Academy, entitled (UN)TRUTED SOURCE, A SERIES OF INVISIBLE PRACTICES, will open at the Loža Gallery in Koper on February 8, 2024, at 6 p.m, and will be on display until May 5, 2024.

The author works at the intersection of visual-performative contemporary art practices, which define her work as fundamentally conceptual.

Nežka Zamar's exhibition, which is her first presentation in the Piran Coastal Galleries, refers to the complex nature of performance as living art and its key opposite: the absence of a performative act.
In terms of content, it goes beyond mere questions of the aesthetics of the performance by anchoring them in the fundamental ethical dilemma of modernity – the question of the relationship with the other, in the specific case of Slovenian society's hostility towards Muslim immigrants.
The curators of the exhibition are Nives Marvin and Ana Papež.

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The cooperation of the Piran Coastal Galleries with national and international institutions began this year with the Maribor Art Gallery.

The coastal artist Lara Jeranko Marconi (1984, Koper) will present herself and her artworks at the exhibition THE FOOL, at the UGM Kabinet, from 19 January to 25 February 2024.
The painter and illustrator from Koper, who studied at the Academy of Venice, at a certain stage of her growth changed the brush for scissors and started creating papercuts. Even her first personal exhibition, which was opened in Maribor by the director of the OGP Mara Ambrožič Verderber, is a sign of this special artistic genre.

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