Site-specific installation by italian artist Fabio Roncato |

Fontanigge, Sečovlje Salina Landscape Park |

Opening: Saturday, 6th of November 2021, h. 11.00

Piran Coastal Galleries are happy to invite you to the opening of a self-managed event curated by Clemente Miccichè and Giorgia Simioni, with the collaboration of Sofia Gemelli, that had the opportunity to spend these last months here working at the «International Internship program» at Piran Coastal Galleries.

The project consists of a site-specific installation conceived and created by the Italian artist Fabio Roncato, as a homage to the figure of the salt worker, frontiersman and symbol of the history and culture of the littoral.

The opening of the event will be held Saturday, 6th of November 2021, at 11.00, at the Sečovlje Salina Landscape Park.

You are kindly invited!

For more information you can read the press release linked here, or contact Sofia Gemelli (press office):

Press release

The salt workers’ sons were used to forecast the presence of rain, which would have stopped the crop for days, analysing the humidity through a piece of pinweed, a local plant, and how it reacted to the wind, whether it moved in direction of the sirocco or the levant. This simple tool gave them the appropriate time to organize themselves before the weather had become intimidating and the crop had been lost.

I won’t look back anymore is a site-specific installation conceived by the artist Fabio Roncato to pay homage to the figure of the salt worker, frontiersman and symbol of the history and the culture of the littoral.
The artwork consists of a wind rose excavated next to the salt storage tanks, filled with the soil obtained from the border connecting Italy to Slovenia. The wind rose, a crucial element for forecasting the successful outcome of the work in accordance with the weather conditions, will show up and emerge thanks to the chromatic difference of the different soils, which will intertwine between themselves letting the artwork dissolve over time. Its orientation will correspond with the Earth coordinates.

The artistic installation was specifically intended for the Sečovlje Saltworks, selected for its secular history, which brought the city of Piran and the whole littoral to empower its link with the Republic of Venice.
The viewer will have the possibility of assisting to the whole process of realization, installation and alteration that the artwork will undergo through its lifespan in a future exhibition, that will show reportage photographs. The show will be organized in the spring of 2022, hosted in the exhibition space of the saltworks park.

The event is curated by Clemente Miccichè e Giorgia Simioni, with the collaboration of Sofia Gemelli, that spent a long and profitable working period at the slovenian littoral thanks to the «International Internship program» at Piran Coastal Galleries.

The realization and production of the artwork were possible thanks to the contribution of the Self-governing Community of Italian Nationality of Piran, the Self-governing Coastal Community of Italian Nationality, the Municipality of Piran, the Italian Community Giuseppe Tartini Piran, and in partnership with the Department of Educational Studies of the Primorska University.

Fabio Roncato was born in 1982 in Rimini. After his studies in painting at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Fabio developed an artistic style that shifted towards scientific research, bringing him to experiment with new techniques and materials, using elements that elude the conventional narration of art history. Each of his artworks is an independent project, focused on the relationship between the artist and the material, in a process that traverses every step of his process of artistic research.