Leon Zuodar | Foto: Jaka Babnik

Igor Andjelić

Viktor Bernik | Foto: Dejan Habicht

Žiga Kariž

SPEKULA: In the middle, off | 

13.10.2022 – 30.12.2022 | Meduza Gallery, Koper

The fourth edition of the Spekula 2022 manifesto presents an extensive study of artworks and phenomena that, through their presentation, bring about the actualisation of the cultural-artistic scene and thus interpret the values of social qualities and norms. However, they not only interpret the aesthetisation of the context or trigger emotional realisations of narrative staging, but also set the standards and codes of reading of both moral values and the recording of documentary identification. For this purpose, the title “IN THE MIDDLE, OFF – V vmesnem pogledu / Nella visione intermezza” sounds like a sort of ear for the nature of the visible, and the perception and depiction of ideas through the archetype of pre-set patterns of social growth. The presented works include fine art, spatial installations, intermedia, conceptual, and socially engaged visual art, as well as questions and values that arise, and responds to them. 

The presented theme is responded to in the main exhibition entitled “IN THE MIDDLE OF – V vmesnem pogledu / Nella visione intermezza” in the Meduza Gallery by four authors of more significant importance who set the contemporary standards of fine or visual art and beyond. They are Žiga Kariž, Viktor Bernik, Igor Andjelić, and Leon Zuodar, each of whom independently dictates his own trends and propulsively sets the paradigms of time and the identification of relations between the culture of perception, and the realisation of high goals and competences that can be established and made sense of through the values of the visible. The events that ensure are permeated with various names from the world of art and culture. This will be followed by various events and roundtable discussions addressing the theme of art, where connections with current topics and findings will be made, and the dialogue about artistic trends cultivated.

All the events are of academic interest and serve as a platform intended to nurture artistic achievements within the local community and the universal space alike, and for the promotion of the new study programme entitled Visual Arts and Design at the Faculty of Education of the University of Primorska. Hence, in the autumn programme of the Piran Coastal Galleries, Spekula 2022 will run parallel to the NEXT GENERATION exhibition dedicated to young international talents originating from academies of visual practices from the wider region, and which includes a selection of student works of the new Visual Arts and Design study programme.  

Associate Professor Dr Tilen Žbona, BFA in painting, Art Director