Forward to the past |

The Museum of Joy |

6.-12. 12. 2021

For the second year in a row, Piran Coastal Galleries are participating with the Community of Museums of Slovenia in the inter-network campaign Forward to the Past.With these sketches, we are drawing attention to the work of the institution and the fact that the gallery spaces are also fun, safe and suitable for learning and entertainment. This time we are presenting what happened in the Forma viva Sculpture Park during the Forma viva Portorož 1961-2021 Jubilee Symposium. The first part shows the sculpture symposium and the creation of stone sculptures, and the second part shows the children’s workshops that accompanied the month-long symposium.

This year’s campaign has been aptly named “THE GREAT MUSEUM" and will run from 6 to 12 December 2021 on our social media (FB and instagram), where you can search for the hashtags #forwardtothepast and #greatmuseum.