Author:Goran Milovanić
Title:Forma viva 1982-2014
Location:Kostanjevica na Krki, Slovenia
Editor:Galleria Božidar Jakac Kostanjevica na Krki, Gallerie Costiere di Pirano
Publication year:2015
Note:Anniversaries are an opportunity to consider, to review what has been done, to measure and evaluate the effects, not least to check the traces that it has brought us and to hope that those that come behind us will continue the work started. More than fifty years of existence and operation of the Forma viva International Symposium of Sculptors is an opportunity to analyze the path we have walked to look into the future. The exhibition and present monograph are evidence that the idea of the initiators of the international sculptural symposia is alive and in a condition that gives hope that, adapted to our time, it will long be possible to invite and bring together sculptors from all over the world.