Renovation: from old to new life
One of the most beautiful architectonic examples of the layering of history – the Basilica of Syracuse – proves that the new can outgrow the old without blurring the traces of the past. The new temple conveys the narrations of an ancient past to us. History does not always erase the past cutting previous ties and connections. Often, through the layering of layers and elements, the life of our heritage and our ancestors, written in architecture, is revealed. In this way, our ties with space and time remain alive, forging our identity and at the same time enabling us to evolve and develop.

The question we ask ourselves is how to coexist with this past. How to feel it, recognize it, and value it? How to live with it today when times have changed so much since its inception? And why do we need to keep it at all? How do we adapt to it, transform it, reinterpret it? There are always different paths and new points of view that emerge. These projects challenge the concept of time itself.

Maruša Zorec