Emir Krajišnik was born in 1954 in Banjaluka. After graduating from the Belgrade academy in 1980, he had a number of independent presentations in Serbia, France and Sweden, and participated in various international exhibitions, including international sculpture symposia (Carrara and Volterra in Italy, Gävle in Sweden). He has also established himself as the author of many public sculptures, notably in Sweden. Since 1991 he has been living and working in Ystad near Köpingebro in Sweden.

The extraordinary Mediterranean atmosphere inspired Krajišnik to imbue his sculpture Adriatic Dream with meditative and spiritual dimensions. The artist’s realistic language does not leave much to the imagination: the stone bed at the foot of the hill has a fluffy pillow and a blanket on top of it, inviting visitors to lie down for a brief moment and enjoy the picturesque view overlooking the bay. The bed symbolically represents a space of rebirth and security, a refuge that is fundamentally linked to life’s most intimate and sincere moments, such as birth, sleep, lovemaking and death.