Behnam Akharbin Moghanlou was born in 1985 in Ardabil. He studied sculpture at the University of Tehran (B.A. of Sculpture, Fine Arts College, University of Tehran). He is a member and leader of the Iranian Society of Sculptors, where he teaches sculpture at the Shahriyar High School. He exhibits and attends sculpture symposia at home and around the world. He has received domestic and foreign awards for his public sculptures, created mainly in classical sculptural materials (stone, wood, metal). He lives and works in Ardabil.

The creation of the sculpture by Iranian sculptor Behnam Akharbin Moghanlou was prompted by the poet’s verses, which speak of the exciting anticipation of the birth of a new day. The sculptor’s explanation of this phenomenon in white stone is no less suggestive. It stands right by the sea, in ideal harmony with nature, which directly invites you to stop and admire the birth or end of the day. A horizontally shaped stone block in the core of the volume explodes with cut-out details of geometric shapes on which the sun’s rays play. The statue spreads into the space with the lightness of origami, which promotes the impression of weightlessness, as we do not perceive it as a compact and heavy stone material at a glance. On the contrary, it seems that the first blast from the shore will take her far away, to the open sea. In his work, the author was able to summarize in a poetically eloquent way the peculiarities of the ornamental play of patterns of the rich cultural space from which he comes.