Giuliana Balbi: Weave in time |

Meduza Gallery, Koper |

4th of February 2021 – 19th of February 2021

Giuliana Balbi’s exhibition, entitled Weave in time, intertwines art and the environment. The tapestries and photographs of the artist from Trieste, also mentor of the contest at the Gian Rinaldo Carli high school in Koper, are complemented by photographs of the marine environment taken by Tihomir Makovec, from the National Institute of Biology (NIB) – Marine Biology Station Piran. The exhibition draws attention to the importance of keeping the sea clean and healthy, encouraging the development of new social practices.

The art contest This time put on stage… is organized by the Trieste artist Lorena Matic, in collaboration with the cultural association of Trieste Opera viva, and is dedicated to young people who want to explore their creativity and raise their awareness towards this theme. This year marks the 16 th edition of the event, and after the past three editions focused on the theme of fairy tales, this one is dedicated to the analysis of colour and their symbolic meaning.

The subtitle emphasizes the international dimension of the initiative, as “blue gold” is one of the appellations used for describing the sea. The Adriatic Sea connects different people, cultures, and territories. As part of the project, we are happy to announce the virtual presentation of the award winning artworks, realized under the guidance of several different mentors.

This year the participants are: Gian Rinaldo Carli Highschool (Koper), Antonio Sema Piran Highschool (Portorož), Pietro Coppo Secondary School (Izola) , GEPŠ Gymnasium (Piran) , secondary schools from Trieste, Gorizia and Udine, Devin International Gymnasium (UWC of Adriatic) in Italy, and the Swiss Art Highschool Freudenberg of Zurich.