Angels and demons |

Group show: László Cseri, Bruno Paladin, Boris Benčič, Claudie Degano | 

In the frame of “Maravee Folle" | Friday, 18th of February, 2022 | Herman Pečarič Gallery, Piran

Bruno Paladin, Teatro per i tristi

Exhibition view

The jubille edition of the Maravee Folle Festival, 20 Years restores the original starting point on which the project has built its recognizible profile from the very beginning, an interweaving of different artistic languages in the form of performances and exhibitions. In addition to the complex content of current topics, which the author, curator, of the project Sabrina Zannier chooses every year (ecology, individual and modern society, interpersonal relationships, identity, etc.), his speciality is also the diversity of selected locations for the presentation of events. These are both within the Italian region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia and outside its borders, in neighboring Slovenia.

With the exhibition Angels or Beasts, the Piran Coastal Galleries, the central gallery institution in Slovenian Istria, have been involved in this project for eleven years. Compared to previous exhibitions, which encouraged the interwiining and confrontation of current visual production of Slovenian and foreign artists working in this area, this time draws attention to the artistic heritage stored in gallery depots. For this purpose, works by Hingarian László Cseri, Croatian Bruno Paladin and Slovenian artist Boris Benčič were selected from the Art collections of the Piran Coastal Galleries, and placed in dialogue with the current production of Italian photographer Claudia Degano.